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Captain Fantastic

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{5/5} “The absurdity of being eulogized by someone she didn’t know has exactly the kind of comedic flourish that Leslie would have cherished.” Captain Fantastic, released in 2016 Ben and his six kids live in the wilderness. He’s home schooling them, giving them assignments that are intellectually and physically challenging. When Ben’s wife, who’s bipolar, […]

Inside Man

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{5/5} “I have a small problem which requires someone with very special skills and complete discretion.” Inside Man, released in 2006 During a bank robbery in New York all the hostages are forced to wear the same jumpsuits as the robbers, so the police have a difficult time telling them apart. It turns out that […]


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{5/5} “If you could see your whole life laid out in front of you, would you change things?” Arrival, released in 2016 Twelve alien spacecraft arrive on Earth. Louise Banks, a linguist, is asked by the US army to join the team that’s trying to communicate with the aliens in the craft that’s in Montana. […]

The Bourne Ultimatum

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{5/5} “Something happened to me, and I need to know what it was. Or I’ll never be free of this.” The Bourne Ultimatum, released in 2007 Pamela Landy at the CIA believe Jason Bourne isn’t a threat but others aren’t so sure — so they’re still looking for him. Noah Vosen, Landy’s colleague, is up […]

The Bourne Supremacy

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{5/5} “‘What if I can’t find her?’ ‘It’s easy, she’s standing right next to you.’” The Bourne Supremacy, released in 2004 Jason and Marie are minding their own business in India when Marie gets shot. Meanwhile, Pamela Landy at the┬áCIA is investigating Bourne because she believes, due to planted evidence, that he killed two of […]

The Bourne Identity

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{5/5} “How could I forget about you? You’re the only person I know.” The Bourne Identity, released in 2002 A man is pulled out of the sea by fishermen. The doctor on board removes two bullets from the man’s back. When the man follows a clue to a bank in Switzerland he discovers that people […]

Last Week Tonight (season 3)

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{5/5} “And this is true…” Last Week Tonight season 3, aired in 2016 John Oliver continues his amazing weekly review of the news and astonishing in-depth discussion of important topics. Topics such as: Donald Trump (multiple times) voter ID laws abortion debt buying industry decline of newspapers school segregation multi-level marketing police accountability and reform […]

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

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{5/5} “There are no heroes, Tian Haoli. Grand Secretary Shi was both courageous and cowardly, capable and foolish. Wang Xiuchu was both an opportunistic survivor and a man of greatness of spirit. I’m mostly selfish and vain, but sometimes even I surprise myself. We’re all just ordinary men — well, I’m an ordinary demon — […]

Kubo and the Two Strings

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{5/5} “‘Don’t you ever say anything encouraging?’ ‘I encourage you not to die.’” Kubo and the Two Strings, released in 2016 Kubo tells stories. One day he forgets that he’s not supposed to be out after dark, and his evil aunts come looking for him. Then he finds himself in a story with a talking […]

Being John Malkovich

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{5/5} “Do you see what a metaphysical can of worms this portal is?” Being John Malkovich, released in 1999 Craig, a puppeteer, gets a job at a filing company on floor 7 1/2 of an office building. He finds a hole behind a filing cabinet. Astonishingly, this hole leads to John Malkovich’s head. In other […]