Real news vs fake news

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I’m not sure anyone predicted this problem — sometimes the drawbacks of new technology aren’t apparent until later. But now we have to do something about it. What’s the problem? Some people are getting what they think is news but it’s fake. How can they believe it if it’s outrageous? Because their head has been […]

Clinton vs Trump, one last time

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Gabriel Roth on Slate has listed the drawbacks to the 2 main candidates in the US federal election. He lists 230 drawbacks for Trump and 1 for Clinton. You might quibble over some details, but why would you? It’s completely ridiculous to pretend that Trump is a reasonable candidate. I firmly believe that this is […]

The problem with Fox News

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The US should make a law that says if your TV station has the word “News” in it then it has to tell the truth. This would force Fox News to either change its name or start telling the truth. Here are 50 examples of times that Fox News has lied, handily compiled by The […]

Trump is still dangerous

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Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president are becoming slimmer and slimmer. But that doesn’t mean we can forget about him. He is still an extremely dangerous person. Every reasonable person needs to stand up and repudiate him in the strongest possible terms. One of the most dangerous things he’s doing is saying that the election […]

President Obama knows what’s what

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Here’s an excerpt from a recent speech by President Obama in which he explains very clearly exactly what’s been happening with the Republican Party the last few years, why it’s not surprising their nominee is Donald Trump, and why no one should vote for Donald Trump. President Obama is very smart — I wish more […]

Why I didn’t watch the debate

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The first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump happened on Monday (September 26th). I watched a few minutes of it but then stopped. I had a feeling that I couldn’t immediately name. The next day I named it — no one should have to watch a debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It’s […]

Know anyone who’s voting for Trump?

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If you know anyone who’s thinking about voting for Donald Trump, please point them to this article, which articulately states many reasons for not doing so. The article talks about his conspiracy theories, business practises, and policies. The case against Donald Trump

The problem with Donald Trump

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There is certainly an important way in which Donald Trump is the ultimate expression of things that have been happening in the Republican Party for years. But there is another way in which Trump is different from any other presidential candidate. No matter how laughable or horrible any other presidential candidate has been, they have […]

The problem with the Republican Party

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This post is about the Republican Party pre-Donald Trump — I’ll talk about him in a separate post. In the old days the Republicans and the Democrats worked together to get things done. But in the past 8 years that’s not what’s happened. And anyone who thinks this is the Democrats’ fault, their brain is […]

Remember the Brexit

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The lessons of Brexit are threefold: Your vote counts. You should be informed before you vote. A simple majority referendum might not be the best option. Think about all the places in the world where people can’t vote. If you live in a democratic country it’s your duty to vote — and to inform yourself […]