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{5/5} “This whole project is one big lie told to 600 people.” Ascension, aired in 2014 The Ascension is a generational ship headed to Proxima — it’s 51 years into a 100-year voyage. It left Earth in secret in the 1960s. A woman on board the ship has been murdered. There’s a bit of a […]

City of Truth

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{4.5/5} “Like many boys of my generation, I dreamed of becoming an art critic one day: the pure primal thrill of attacking a painting, the sheer visceral kick of savaging a movie or a poem. In my case, however, the dream turned into reality, for by my twenty-second year I was employed as a deconstructionist […]


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{3.5/5} “Objects were put in your path to shield you, put there to protect you at exactly the right moment, to shield you from the right piece of shrapnel. It’s almost as if life itself knew you were coming. The universe keeping you alive, saving you, as though it has a plan for you.” Firebase, […]

Eclectic lists of SF & fantasy books

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Many of the lists of SF and fantasy books turn out to be fairly similar if people vote on them. But if you have a list made up by one person (or a small group) it can be more eclectic. Here are a couple of places to find such lists. You might not always agree […]


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{4.5/5} “The ones that are experimented on, who survive. The very few. Her theory is it’s because they have some kind of predisposition. They’re savants of some kind. And Amir is like that.” Rakka, released in 2017 Aliens have invaded Earth and things are not going well for humans. They’re trying to fight back, but […]


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{4.5/5} “There were always only a few people alive in the ship at any given time who had a real understanding of how the quantum computer worked, or even what it was. Now that group was smaller than ever before. In fact maybe no one had ever understand what it was.” Aurora by Kim Stanley […]

Children of Time

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{5/5} “It should have seemed just days before, according to his personal waking history but, as he had noticed last time, there was clearly something imperfect about suspension. Certainly, Holstein could not feel the centuries that had passed since they abandoned Earth, but something in his mind acknowledged that lost time: the sense of a […]

Dark City

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{5/5} “No one ever listens to me.” Dark City, released in 1998 A man wakes up in a bath tub with amnesia. He eventually finds out his name is John Murdoch, he has a wife, and the police think he murdered six women. He doesn’t think he would have killed anyone, but he doesn’t really […]

Edge of Tomorrow

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{5/5} “Find me when you wake up.” Edge of Tomorrow, released in 2014 Humanity is in a desperate war against vicious aliens called Mimics who’ve invaded Earth. Major Cage is in media relations but after trying to bribe an officer he’s busted down to private and forced to fight. When he’s killed, he goes back […]


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{4.5/5} “Right now my scientific mind is telling me to have nothing more to do with this. And yours should, too.” Knowing, released in 2009 Caleb receives an envelope from a time capsule at school — the capsule was buried 50 years ago. Unlike the other kids who get pictures Caleb’s page just has numbers […]