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{4.5/5} “It seems to me, then, that the best one can do is to present one’s story as a struggle between sides which are both mixtures of good and evil (thus placing it somewhere between the extremes of utopia and dystopia), and don’t make the odds overwhelming in either direction. One can then proceed to […]

Star Trek Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within

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{4.5/5} “Yeah, but after Andor, if I screwed up this alliance, Admiral Akaar would transfer me to maintenance detail in the center of the nearest star, and then put my vaporized atoms on report for dereliction of duty.” Captain Picard is hoping the Talarian Republic will join the expanded Khitomer Alliance. Jono, the human who […]

A story you need to read right now

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Ted Chiang is one of my favourite short story writers. He’s not very prolific (a story every year or two) but his collection Stories of Your Life and Others is amazing and so are the stories he’s written since then. He’s got a new story available on the Subterranean Press web site, and it’s brilliant: […]


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{4/5} “It has always been the will of man to separate us in thought, in clothing, in language. Separate, we can be controlled. Separate, we can be killed in the quiet of the night and disappear into myth. Separate, we forget that in the end we have the power.” Shine edited by Jetse de Vries […]

This is the Year Zero

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{4.5/5} “Following their meeting with world leaders, and a single, carefully orchestrated press conference, the aliens had been keeping a studiously low profile. They were here, they claimed, strictly in a touristic capacity. They wished only to obtain the requisite visas to come and go as they liked, along with a supply of native currencies. […]

Comments on Locus All-Centuries Poll: Shorts

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The results of the Locus Online All-Centuries Poll are now out. I told you what my votes were a while ago. Here are the results of the poll, and following are my comments on the short fiction component. In terms of short fiction, there’s a lot I haven’t read — there’s also some I read a […]

Burning Chrome

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{4/5} “When Rikki showed up, he needed one in the worst way. He was fading fast, and smart money was already whispering that the edge was off his game. He needed that one big score, and soon, because he didn’t know any other kind of life, and all his clocks were set for hustler’s time, […]

All-time best SF & fantasy novels & stories, v2

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The other day I posted my first thoughts on how I would vote in the Locus poll, which is open until the end of the month. I’ve changed a small number of things and added some runner ups. One thing that I neglected the first time was that the order of the votes matters — I tried this […]

All-time best SF & fantasy novels & stories

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Locus is going to do a poll to find out what science fiction and fantasy novels and stories are the all-time best (they’ve done this a few times before but not in years). The categories are science fiction novel, fantasy novel, novella, novelette, and short story. They’re also diving the poll into 20th century (10 […]

The Dying Earth

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{4.5/5} “A dim place, ancient beyond knowledge. Once it was a tall world of cloudy mountains and bright rivers, and the sun was a white blazing ball. Ages of rain and wind have beaten and rounded the granite, and the sun is feeble and red. The continents have sunk and risen. A million cities have […]