Star Trek movies

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I’ve seen the first bunch of Star Trek movies more times than any other movies. The last time I watched them I found that some of the best ones didn’t wow me quite as much as they once did. I would have rated Star Trek II, III, IV, and First Contact 5/5 on previous occasions. […]

Star Trek Beyond

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{4.5/5} “We will find hope in the impossible.” Star Trek Beyond, released in 2016 Kirk is a bit tired of being in space and thinking of taking a vice admiral position. Spock, having found out that Ambassador Spock has died, thinks he should help out on New Vulcan. Before they get a chance to tell […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

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{4.5/5} “Jim, you’re not actually going down there, are you? You don’t rob a bank when the getaway car has a flat tire.” Star Trek Into Darkness, released in 2013 Kirk has to reveal the Enterprise to primitive people in order to save Spock’s life. Starfleet is unhappy — since he broke the Prime Directive […]

Star Trek

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{5/5} “Your father was captain of a starship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives including your mother’s and yours. I dare you to do better.” Star Trek, released in 2009 Kirk and McCoy are still at the academy when they go onboard the Enterprise under Captain Pike and Lieutenant Spock. They are responding to […]

Star Trek: Child of Two Worlds

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{4.5/5} “You are addressing General Krunn of the Klingon Empire, presently in command of the Imperial Battle Cruiser Fek’lhr, and I demand the immediate return of my stolen kinsman, as well as custody of her perfidious abductor. Surrender them at once, if you care for the safety of your ship and crew.” Star Trek: Child […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Ascendance

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{4.5/5} “Tension and anticipation filled the cockpit around Ghemor, almost as though the Ascendants in the vessels spread out in space behind her had propelled a wave of desperation ahead of them. She understood that many of them believed her, but even if some didn’t, she knew that they all wanted to believe. That was […]

Star Trek: Titan — Sight Unseen

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{4.5/5} “We’re going to help set the tone for a Federation that has taken some hard knocks in recent times. Titan isn’t just a starship, she isn’t just a titanium shell keeping a few hundred organic beings live in the darkness. She is the principles we have chosen to abide by.” Star Trek: Titan — […]

Star Trek: DS9 — Sacraments of Fire

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{4.5/5} “Being Jem’Hadar had always signified obeisance and obedience to the Founders, and living a soldier’s existence. He could no longer bring himself to practice the former, but he could still attempt the latter. That was why he had elected to turn the scoutship away from the Dominion and towards the distress call’s source. The […]

Star Trek: TNG — Armageddon’s Arrow

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{4.5/5} “There were numerous stories and tall tales shared by senior cadets alleging that the simple matter of naming a new vessel ‘Enterprise’ brought with it the jinx of being plagued by all manner of time-based trickery, and that the Federation’s Department of Temporal Investigations even had a special group, ‘Section 1701,’ dedicated to nothing […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation — Takedown

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{4.5/5} “This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise… Aventine, you are ordered to stand down immediately. I repeat, stand down immediately, or we will fire!” Star Trek: The Next Generation — Takedown by John Jackson Miller, published in 2015 Admiral Riker has been sent to a peace conference that will be attended by […]