Star Trek

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Here’s an update to this list. The Original Series I don’t read all of these but I do pick up the ones that are written by authors I know or look particularly interesting. I’ve also reread a few of the best older ones. The Entropy Effect by Vonda N. McIntyre 1981 -> 4.5/5 Yesterday’s Son […]

The Doors of Eden

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{5/5} “There were places you did not go casually that could transform you or vanish you away. There were valleys where monsters might brush your elbow, from the other side of a divide incomprehensible to the human mind. There were clawed tracks that led off in directions they had no name for, into impossible distances […]


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{4/5} “What’s happened, happened.” Tenet, released in 2020 A man wakes up and finds he no longer works for the CIA, as he’s been declared dead. He’s needed for the most important of important tasks — stop World War III. When he meets the first person who explains any of it to him, he finds […]

Performative outrage

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The Republican Party used to care about policies — they were generally bad policies, but they were policies. Then for a while they pretended to care about policies but really didn’t. Now they’re not even pretending. Here’s David Pakman on this development: Trump’s Republican Party is Just Performative Outrage

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds III

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{5/5} “When the bad memories rear up, I check to see if they have any relevance to my present circumstances. If they do, I learn whatever lesson they have to teach me. If they don’t, I summon happy thoughts and overwhelm the sadness, drowning my sorrows in joy.” (from “Dorian’s Diary”) Star Trek: Strange New […]

The Man from UNCLE

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{4.5/5} “Don’t ever make the calamitous error of mistaking my deliberate shortsightedness for blindness.” The Man from UNCLE, released in 2015 Napoleon Solo works for the CIA, after having gone on a spree of art theft across Europe. He’s in East Berlin to grab the daughter of a scientist whose knowledge of nuclear weapons they […]

The Raven Tower

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{4.5/5} “The office of Raven’s Lease offered many privileges and a share (along with the Council of the Directions) in the rule of Iraden, as well as the rule of Ard Vusktia across the strait. But there was a price: two days after the death of the Raven’s Instrument — the bird embodying the god […]

Ninefox Gambit

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{4.5/5} “She was looking out of the window as they arced into the sky, so she saw the waiting Kel bannermoth drop two bombs, neat and precise, on the site they had just left. A day’s worth of hard battle and the entire objective rendered irrelevant by high explosives. She kept watching until the explosions’ […]

Dr. Grande on mental health & personality

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Dr. Todd Grande is a licensed professional counsellor, and speculates about the mental health and personality factors that are involved in various cases. He’s serious, but throws in 1 or 2 funny lines in each video. Here are some cases I was particularly interested in. Michael Jackson Grande believes it’s more likely that Jackson was […]

Batman: Hush

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{4.5/5} “Bruce Wayne, this is Clark Kent.’ ‘I believe we’ve met.’” Batman: Hush, released in 2019 Hush shoots Batman out of the sky and he’s hurt badly. At Hush’s request, Bane and Poison Ivy were working together to get a bunch of cash from a kidnapping. Catwoman helped too, because Ivy was controlling her. Meanwhile, […]