Agents of SHIELD (season 7)

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{5/5} “Come with me if you want to continue to exist.” — Enoch Agents of SHIELD season 7, aired in 2020 Simmons has been to the future and brought back some things to help the team. The agents have followed the Chronicoms back in time to 1931. The Chronicoms want Earth from themselves and know […]

Jojo Rabbit

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{5/5} “Our only friends are the Japanese. And just between you and me, they don’t look very Aryan.” Jojo Rabbit, released in 2019 Jojo is very enthusiastic about being a member of Hitler’s youth. When he’s at a camp for the weekend, though, they ask him to kill a rabbit and he can’t. Then in […]

When do you stop being loyal to your party?

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Let’s say you support one party and even though they’ve done a few not-so-great things you’re still supporting them because it’s your party. At what point do you stop being loyal to your party? If you say never, you’re not thinking about it the right way. There must be some point at which you would […]

For We Are Many

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{4.5/5} “It seemed that VEHEMENT was either still completely confined to the Sol system, or they hadn’t acquired any assets here. But we didn’t know how many members might have gone out with the various colony ships. We would have to be vigilant until humanity was well-enough established to survive its own craziness.” For We […]

The Favourite

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{4.5/5} “As it turns out, I’m capable of much unpleasantness.” The Favourite, released in 2018 Queen Anne is not well and her friend Lady Sarah is basically in charge. Abigail, a cousin of Sarah’s, arrives and gains employment as a servant. She starts out scrubbing floors but Sarah quickly gets her her own room and […]

Game Night

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{5/5} “That is a strong table.” Game Night, released in 2018 Max and Annie have a few friends over for a fun game night regularly. When Max’s very successful brother Brooks comes to town he invites the group over to his place, where he says they’re going to play a different kind of game. Someone […]

If you put your faith in Donald Trump

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You’ll die. That’s not an exaggeration. Herman Cain put his faith in Donald Trump. He went to the Trump rally, most likely contracted the coronavirus there, and died from it. If that can happen to him, what makes you think it can’t happen to you?

The Secret Keeper

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{5/5} “The landscape of one’s childhood was more vibrant than any other. It didn’t matter where it was or what it looked like, the sights and sounds imprinted differently from those encountered later. They became a part of a person, inescapable.” The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, published in 2012 When Laurel was 16 she […]

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

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{4.5/5} “There would have to be rules. Some standards, so that things wouldn’t descend into chaos. First, each copy would have to come up with a new name, to emphasize the fact that they were not me. Second, the most senior Bob in any system would be in charge. I stared into space for a […]

The Clocks

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{4.5/5} “Inspector Hardcastle was professionally prejudiced against people who found bodies. Finding the body avoided so many difficulties for a murderer — it saved the hazards of arranging an alibi; it accounted for any overlooked fingerprints. In many ways it was a cast-iron position — with one proviso only. There must be no obvious motive.” […]