Safety Not Guaranteed

{4.5/5} “‘Have you ever faced certain death?’ ‘If it was so certain I wouldn’t be here, would I?'”

A magazine writer and two interns visit a guy who posted an ad in the paper looking for a companion for time travel. Of course, none of them expects the guy to really be able to travel through time. Kenneth says he can build a time machine — he also says that there are people after him. Darius convinces him that she would make a good companion. Then Darius discovers that there are people after him.

Safety Not Guaranteed was released in 2012.

It’s a nice little low-budget movie with a unique story and splendid acting.

You never know where the story is going to go — is Kenneth crazy or can he really build a time machine? Parts are very funny.

Aubrey Plaza (the TV show Parks and Recreation) plays Darius and Mark Duplass (Your Sister’s Sister) plays Kenneth. Jake Johnson (the TV show New Girl) plays Jeff, the writer, and Karan Soni (Supremacy) plays Arnau, the other intern. Mary Lynn Rajskub (the TV show 24) plays their boss.

The movie was directed by Colin Trevorrow (the documentary Reality Show).

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