That’s What I Am

{4.5/5} “It took maybe 30 seconds for word of Mary Clear and my impending union to cover the school ground like a suffocating fog. If only our fire drills were that organized.”

Andy is in grade 8 in the 1960s — his favourite teacher is Mr. Simon. But then Mr. Simon pairs Andy with “Big G” for an assignment — although “Big G,” whose real name is Stanley, is smart everyone makes fun of him because of his big head and awkwardness. Andy likes Mary, a beautiful girl in his class, but he’s never even talked to her.

That’s What I Am was released in 2011.

It’s a beautiful movie about tolerance — some kids in grade 8 are just learning it. Some adults have learned it, and some haven’t.

There are parts that are funny and sad, and it seems to me to do a good job of creating a 1960s atmosphere.

Ed Harris (The Way Back) plays Mr. Simon. Chase Ellison (Mysterious Skin) plays Andy. Amy Madigan (Field of Dreams) plays the school principal. Daniel Roebuck (U. S. Marshals) plays Andy’s father.

The movie was directed by Michael Pavone (Chameleon).

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