Sound of My Voice

{4/5} “No sudden movements. And no questions for tonight. The first night is always the most difficult.”

Peter and Lorna decide to infiltrate a cult in order to expose it — Maggie, the woman the cult was formed around, claims to be from the future. Every time they go see her they have to go through a ritual, which includes being blindfolded and driven in a van for 20 minutes. Is Maggie a con artist or is she really from the future?

Sound of My Voice was released in 2011.

The title is apt. Brit Marling as Maggie has a lot of dialogue — she convinces you that she’s someone people would follow.

Lorna sticks to her skepticism but Peter becomes enthralled by Maggie.

The ending is a bit more ambiguous than I usually like. I found one particularly clever explanation on the web, so I’ll stick with that one. Until the somewhat abrupt ending, I was carried along by the characters.

Brit Marling (Another Earth) plays Maggie — she also co-wrote the movie with the director. Christopher Denham (Argo) plays Peter and Nicole Vicius (Last Days) plays Lorna.

The movie was directed by Zal Batmanglij (The East).

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