Pitch Perfect

{4.5/5} “Not liking movies is like… not liking puppies.”

Beca is starting college but isn’t particularly giving it a chance — she’d rather move to LA and produce music. Her dad, who’s a professor at the college, wants her to get an education first. But he makes her a deal — join one club, and if she still wants to quit school at the end of the year he’ll let her. She joins the Barden Bellas, an a cappella singing group.

Pitch Perfect was released in 2012.

The general trajectory of the plot is fairly predictable, but that’s fine — there are lots of laughs and some fantastic singing. The women in the Bellas are a great collection of quirky characters.

If you like Glee, you’ll like this movie.

The music is a fabulous collection of songs.

Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air) plays Beca and Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids) plays Fat Amy. Skylar Astin (Hamlet 2) plays Jesse and Hana Mae Lee (the TV miniseries Lips) plays Lilly.

John Benjamin Hickey (the TV show The Big C) plays Beca’s dad. John Michael Higgins (Yes Man) and Elizabeth Banks (People Like Us) play a cappella competition announcers.

The movie was directed by Jason Moore (episodes of TV shows like Everwood).

They’re working on a sequel.

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