Wonderfalls (season 1)

{4.5/5} “You’re spiteful in a way the definition of ‘spiteful’ doesn’t quite prepare you for.”

Jaye works at a gift shop in Niagara Falls — her degree in philosophy didn’t really get her anywhere. One day a clay lion starts talking to her. She’s not sure what its goal is but it seems to want to help people so she does what it tells her. If she’s able to help people, then maybe it’ll feel like she has a better life.

Wonderfalls only lasted one season and it originally aired in 2004. There are 13 episodes but only 4 aired the first time.

This is a very funny show — it grabbed me right away. If you like quirky shows like Arrested Development, you’ll like this one.

Jaye lives in a trailer park, likes the bartender at the local bar, and tries to avoid her family as much as possible. Of course, talking to inanimate objects tends to get her into some trouble.

Most of the show is about Jaye’s immediate family (parents, sister who’s a lawyer, brother who’s working on a doctorate), her boss, her best friend (who works at the bar), and her new special friend (the bartender).

Niagara Falls is a great location for the show as it’s a place you can see extraordinary things happening.

The show takes you in some unexpected directions. The series ends at a satisfying spot — no cliffhanger or main characters in jail.

Caroline Dhavernas (Breach) plays Jaye and William Sadler (Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey) plays Jaye’s father.

Rue McClanahan (the TV show The Golden Girls) guest stars as Millie, a woman who went over the Falls in a barrel when she was younger. Louise Fletcher (the TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) guest stars as Vivian, a woman who says Millie is a liar. Jewel Staite (the TV show Stargate Atlantis) plays the wife of the bartender. Kellie Waymire (guest star on TV shows like Star Trek: Enterprise) plays a zookeeper who looks after birds.

The show was created by Bryan Fuller (the TV show Pushing Daisies) and Todd Holland (director of TV shows like The Larry Sanders Show).

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    I rewatched this show — it’s delightfully quirky.

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