Now You See Me

{4/5} “The closer you look the less you see.”

A magician, an escape artist, a mentalist, and a pickpocket from across the country are all invited to New York at a certain date and time — they all show up. It turns out that some of them already know each other. A year later the four of them are performing together as the Four Horsemen in Las Vegas. They say for their final trick they’re going to rob a bank — soon after, money falls from the ceiling and the crowd goes wild.

Now You See Me was released earlier this year.

I liked some parts of this movie but other parts didn’t quite do it for me.

Unlike other heist movies (Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job) I wasn’t sure who to cheer for in this one.

It’s also a movie where what was really going on is only explained at the end. But unlike Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve, here I didn’t find the explanation as satisfying.

If you want to see a better movie about magicians, try The Prestige or The Illusionist.

The fun music is by Brian Tyler (Iron Man 3).

Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) plays Daniel and Woody Harrelson (the TV show Cheers) plays Merritt. Isla Fisher (Rango) plays Henley and Dave Franco (Warm Bodies) plays Jack. These are the Four Horsemen.

Morgan Freeman (The Magic of Belle Isle) plays Thaddeus — a former magician who now debunks magicians. Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises) plays Arthur — a wealthy man who’s invested in the Four Horsemen. Mark Ruffalo (The Brothers Bloom) plays Dylan and Mélanie Laurent (Beginners) plays Alma — they are police officers trying to solve the bank robbery.

The movie was directed by Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk).

A sequel has been announced.

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