Captain America: The Winter Soldier

{4.5/5} “‘You do anything fun Saturday night?’ ‘Well, all the guys in my barbershop quartet are dead. So no, not really.'”

When Steve Rogers arrives at his apartment he finds Nick Fury there. Fury implies that the place is bugged and tries to tell him about something important but Fury is shot. Fury hands Steve a thumb drive which leads him on a journey where he’s not sure who to trust, especially since SHIELD itself is after him. Natasha Romanoff stays by his side as does a new friend, Sam Wilson.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, released in 2014

The movie is action packed, with some fun moments.

Cap fights like Jason Bourne, except Bourne doesn’t have a shield. And like Bourne, Cap doesn’t know who to trust. In World War II it was easy to tell who were the good guys and who were the bad guys, but now things are more complicated.

There’s a fair amount of fighting and destruction, but it has enough interesting parts to be worthwhile.

The movie ties in with what’s happening right now in the TV series Agents of SHIELD.

There are two sequences after the credits, giving you ideas for future movies.

The exciting music is by Henry Jackman (X-Men: First Class).

Reprising their roles from the first movie are Chris Evans (The Avengers) as Steve Rogers / Captain America and Samuel L. Jackson (Jurassic Park) as Nick Fury.

Joining them from The Avengers are Scarlett Johansson (Her) as Natasha Romanoff and Cobie Smulders (the TV show How I Met Your Mother) as Maria Hill.

Also joining them this time is Robert Redford (A Bridge Too Far) as Alexander Pierce.

The movie was directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo (Welcome to Collinwood).

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