Liberal Arts

{4.5/5} “I sometimes feel like I’m looking down on myself. Like there’s this older, wiser me watching over this 19-year-old rough draft, who’s full of all this potential, but has to live more to catch up with that other self somehow. And, uh, I know I’ll get there. It’s just sometimes I think I want to rush the process, you know?

Liberal Arts, released in 2012

Jesse returns to the university he went to for his favourite professor’s retirement. While there he forms a connection with a current student, Zibby, who’s quite a few years younger than him. It’s about romance, literature, and classical music. This is how you make a movie that mostly consists of interesting conversations — there are some very funny parts. Starring Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen.

Directed by Josh Radnor (Happythankyoumoreplease).

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