The Rewrite

{5/5} “I’m very, very, very, very cold, and I have to read a huge box of scripts, and I just got into a fight with Professor McGonagall about Jane Austen.”

The Rewrite, released in 2014

Keith wrote an Oscar-winning movie years ago but has been having trouble getting work lately. His agent finds him a job teaching at a university on the East Coast. Although Keith initially feels that he doesn’t have anything to offer his students, he gradually warms up to the idea.

The general structure of this movie will contain no surprises. So your enjoyment of it will depend on your sense of humour — I found it hilarious. It has a similar tone to Larry Crowne.

Stars Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei. J.K. Simmons, Bella Heathcote, Allison Janney, and Chris Elliott are all delightful.

Directed by Marc Lawrence (Two Weeks Notice).

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