Mr. Holmes

{4.5/5} “Death, grieving, mourning — they’re all commonplace. Logic is rare, and so… I dwell on logic.”

Mr. Holmes, released in 2015

Sherlock Holmes is old and getting forgetful — he lives in the country and keeps bees. He gave up detective work years ago. He recently returned from Japan, where he procured some prickly ash — which he hopes will improve his faculties. Holmes is trying to recall the truth of his last case, which Watson fictionalized — because it’s what drove him into the country.

There isn’t a lot of action, but we see Holmes in his old age befriending a boy and we see his last case via flashbacks.

It’s about logic and emotion, and how you’re never too old to learn something.

Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes is, of course, brilliant. Nicholas Rowe (Sherlock in Young Sherlock Holmes) has a neat cameo.

Stars Laura Linney and Milo Parker. Directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls). There’s some effective music by Carter Burwell.

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