Bridge of Spies

{4.5/5} “If your house in insured for $100 000 and a tornado carries it away, it carried away one house — it didn’t pick up every stick of furniture and destroy it in a separate incident. If that is what you are saying, well, then there is never any limit to our liability and that is the end of the insurance business. And then, Bob, nobody is safe.”

Bridge of Spies, released in 2015

It’s 1957. Donovan is an insurance lawyer. He’s asked to defend a Soviet spy — he feels it’s his duty to do so. Although nearly everyone hates Communists, the bar association wants it to be seen that the America legal system is fair. Donovan is a bit worried about people hating him like they hate his client — and he’s a bit worried about getting a fair trial from the judge.

The movie is “inspired” by true events.

Although the story in general is serious, there are lots of funny moments.

Donovan and Abel are both terrific characters. Donovan will do whatever it takes to defend any client. Abel is an unflappable and artistic spy.

It’s a gripping story — it takes you from Brooklyn to Washington DC to East Berlin to 70 000 feet above the USSR.

Stars Tom Hanks and Alan Alda. Directed by Steven Spielberg (Minority Report). The music by Thomas Newman is suitably mysterious.

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