Chinese Puzzle

{4.5/5} “It’s a novel about how complicated life is. Sort of.”

Chinese Puzzle, released in 2013

Xavier’s novels are doing well, but his personal life isn’t so great. Wendy, his wife of 10 years, has left him. Then she decides to move from Paris to New York — and take the kids with her. He’s not happy about this situation, but what can he do? He can move to New York.

This is a French movie. It’s about real people dealing with real problems — like moving to a new world.

It’s about how life can be good even when it’s complicated.

Many movies attempt to have a unique opening credits sequence. This one succeeds, with its puzzle motif.

Stars Audrey Tautou and Kelly Reilly.

I’ve just discovered this is the 3rd movie in a trilogy — you might want to start with L’auberge espagnole and Russian Dolls.

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