Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Ascendance

{4.5/5} “Tension and anticipation filled the cockpit around Ghemor, almost as though the Ascendants in the vessels spread out in space behind her had propelled a wave of desperation ahead of them. She understood that many of them believed her, but even if some didn’t, she knew that they all wanted to believe. That was why they had accepted her leadership without question. It would allow her to provide them with the impetus to at last deliver to her what she wanted.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Ascendance by David R. George III, published in 2015

The Ascendants think they’re on their way to meet their god — but a Cardassian named Iliana Ghemor has tricked them into accompanying her on a mission to destroy Bajor. The Ascendants have thousands of ships and the combined might of Deep Space Nine, the Defiant, and Bajor can’t stop them. The only one who can stop them is Taran’atar, a Jem’Hadar who spent some time on Deep Space Nine.

This is a sequel to Sacraments of Fire and the storylines started in that novel are brought to a conclusion here. One storyline is also a sequel to the Original Series novel Allegiance in Exile.

The story features Kira, Dax, and Ro. Sisko, O’Brien, Quark, Nog, Odo, and holographic singer Vic Fontaine are also around.

It’s about making big decisions — to move on to a new job or location, to modify your religious beliefs, or to sacrifice yourself for your friends.

It’s also about, as Star Trek stories often are, communicating with beings different than you. It’s a terrific novel.

The previous novel in the story of the 24th century is Star Trek: Titan — Sight Unseen. I also reviewed George’s novel Star Trek: DS9 — Sacraments of Fire.

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