Midnight Special

{4/5} “There’s a world built on top of ours. People live there… I think they’re like me.”

Midnight Special, released in 2016

Alton is an 8-year-old boy with special powers. His father and a friend have taken him away from his home — they believe that he needs to be at a certain place on a certain day. The powers that be at the ranch where they lived are after the boy — they think he’s a saviour. So are the FBI — they think he’s a weapon.

This movie starts slowly. The performances are terrific, and once the story gets going you’ll want to find out what happens.

If you’re looking for something a bit different than the usual, it’s worth your while.

Stars Michael Shannon, Adam Driver, and Kirsten Dunst. Directed by Jeff Nichols (Mud).

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  1. James Says:

    Glad you liked it, Dave! What a strange but effective little movie. I could see the ways they were doing what they could with a low budget, but the special effects were pretty convincing.

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