The Girl on the Train

{4.5/5} “For the first time in ages I have purpose. Or at least I have a distraction.”

The Girl on the Train, released in 2016

Rachel travels into the city by train every day, and every day she looks at a house where there’s a happy couple. Then one day she sees something shocking — the woman kissing a man who’s not her husband. Rachel has been an alcoholic for some time, and is not doing very well — she even lost her job. Now this woman she saw has gone missing, and Rachel doesn’t remember what she was doing during the time she disappeared.

Emily Blunt usually plays characters who have it together, so Rachel is a different role for her.

It has a similar tone to Gone Girl — you don’t know what’s going to happen. Parts of it are intense.

Once it gets going, it will have you in its grip.

Stars Allison Janney, Laura Prepon, and Rebecca Ferguson. Directed by Tate Taylor (The Help). The mysterious music is by Danny Elfman.

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