Once Upon a Time (season 6)

{4/5} “Love is the most powerful magic of all.”

Once Upon a Time season 6, aired in 2016-17

Emma is having visions of the future, Hyde thinks Storybrooke is his, and Gold goes inside Belle’s dreams to wake her up. The Evil Queen is back — she and Regina have separate bodies now. Hyde brought with him a bunch of people from the Land of Untold Stories — one of them is the Count of Monte Cristo.

It’s a bit soap opera-ish at times, although I still wanted to see what happened to my favourite characters. 

This year’s storyline was a bit uneven. One problem was they introduced some characters who didn’t really fit into the world of fairy tale characters — like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, and Captain Nemo. The ultimate villain wasn’t introduced until fairly late in the season, and her motivations weren’t entirely clear. 

They kicked things up a notch for the last few episodes. The second last episode was a musical, which was absolutely delightful.

The last episode, clearly filmed to be a series finale, had some good things but was also quite frustrating. The aspect of the plot that was stolen from The Neverending Story didn’t really fit in. The writers seemed a bit sloppy in terms of keeping their magical rules consistent.

Stars Hank Harris and Sam Witwer.

I previously reviewed season 5.

The show has been renewed for season 7, but it will be very different — with most if not all of the main cast leaving, they’re going to focus on new characters. If history has taught us anything, this is a bad idea — the writers have said what they wanted to say, and they should have left it at that.

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