Eclectic lists of SF & fantasy books

Many of the lists of SF and fantasy books turn out to be fairly similar if people vote on them. But if you have a list made up by one person (or a small group) it can be more eclectic. Here are a couple of places to find such lists. You might not always agree with them, but they have read lots of books and have interesting things to say.

Here are 2 sites made by the same person — I haven’t yet come across their name, but I have looked at a lot of their lists. They’ve got lists of the best books in SF and fantasy, plus lists of books in various categories. The only drawback: there are some ads in the middle of the lists.

Best Fantasy Books

Best Science Fiction Books

Here’s a site with lists in categories, and occasional reviews of individual books. Categories include underrated SF books, Chinese SF books, space opera books, far future SF books, and time travel SF books. The guy who runs it is Dan Livingston.

The Best Sci Fi Books

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