Speech & Debate

{4/5} “Getting people to listen to you is the opposite of getting people to like you.”

Speech & Debate, released in 2017

Diwata fails to get cast in a major role in the school musical. Solomon isn’t allowed to write about what he wants to write about in the school paper. And Howie’s request to start a Gay-Straight Alliance is denied by the school board. The three of them resurrect the speech and debate club. Although their first competition is a bit of a failure, they learn some things.

It’s a nice little movie, with some delightfully quirky characters and some funny parts.

It’s about friendship, and finding a way to make your voice heard.

Stars Sarah Steele and Liam James. Directed by Dan Harris (Imaginary Heroes). There are a few clever songs — the music is by Deborah Lurie.

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