Other TV shows I’ve watched lately

Here is the previous iteration of this list. These are shows I’ve watched some of but not every episode.

{4.5/5} The Daily Show (season 22)

Trevor Noah and his team continue to amuse and inform. Noah talks a lot about Donald Trump, of course. Desi Lydic has a segment called “What the actual fact?” Guests include Laurence Fishburne, Rashida Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, and Al Franken.

{4/5} Hollywood Game Night (season 5)

This is a game show in the realm of Celebrity Name Game but with more variety of games. Jane Lynch is terrific as host, and the players (2 teams, with 1 contestant and 3 celebrities on a team) always have fun. The show was inspired by real-life game nights hosted by Sean Hayes (Will & Grace).

{2/5} Return to the Planet of the Apes (season 1)

This is the animated series made in 1975-76. I read somewhere that it had some interesting concepts in it, but they were wrong. The first few episodes were uniformly bad — the storylines were utterly boring. The animation is the cheap kind that isn’t very animated.

{3/5} School of Rock (season 1)

I love the movie this show is based on, but the show is only for kids. It’s watchable, barely, but only one of the characters is interesting (Tomika, played by Breanna Yde) — the rest are dumb. It occasionally has a nice message, but I would hope even for kids there are better things to watch.

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