Science fiction is good for you

Here are a couple of different perspectives on this topic. First, Rebecca J. Rosen on The Atlantic reports on research that suggests that reading SF can give inventors new ideas — and also anticipate the consequences of new technologies. A quotation from Dan Novy: “Fiction allows you to live more lives in the space-time of one lifetime than you would normally be able to.”

Why Today’s Inventors Need to Read More Science Fiction

One thing that the article mentions is that there is still a stigma against SF in some quarters, which is mind boggling.

Next we have JR Thorpe on Bustle who suggests that reading/watching SF makes you more ethical. He points out that SF is often ahead of the curve pointing out the problems with inventions, discussing important topics in a way that gets by censors, and getting us used to the idea of aliens (i.e., if we’re OK with extraterrestrials we’ll probably be OK with humans who look a bit different from us).

6 Ways Reading And Watching Science Fiction Makes You A More Ethical Person

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