Odd Squad: The Movie

{3.5/5} “I love the smell of cheese in the morning.”

Odd Squad: The Movie, released in 2016

No one is calling the Odd Squad any more because the Weird Team has a device that solves problems instantly. Then the Weird Team buys the Odd Squad building and they’re out of business. What are they going to do now that they’re not part of Odd Squad? Meanwhile, there’s a creature that keeps saying “Dave” and duplicating itself.

This is a kid’s movie, but you won’t mind watching it as it’s very funny.

Odd Squad was a TV series and this is a continuation from that show. In the show the Odd Squad is an organization staffed entirely by children who help people with problems, generally of a mathematical nature.

Stars Seán Cullen and Jack McBrayer. Directed by J.J. Johnson (the TV show Odd Squad).

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