Next Gen

{4/5} “What a team we make. A broken robot and a broken little girl.”

Next Gen, released in 2018

Mai is a teenager who is always angry. Her mom pays more attention to her robot than to her, and her dad is gone. She comes across a robot that’s different than others — it seems like he could be her friend. Maybe he could even help her with the school bullies.

Despite the predictable nature of the plot, I enjoyed this movie. The characters of Mai and 7723 are interesting and will pull you through the movie.

It’s about friendship.

Stars the voices of John Krasinski, Michael Peña, and David Cross. Directed by Kevin R. Adams (layout artist on The Emperor’s New Groove) and Joe Ksander (animation director on 9).

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  1. Renette Davis Says:

    Great kid friendly movie!

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