Mission: Impossible — Fallout

{5/5} “Why is he running in circles?”

Mission: Impossible — Fallout, released in 2018

A group remaining from the Syndicate calling themselves “The Apostles” is planning a nuclear attack. Ethan Hunt gets his hands on the plutonium they were going to use but he saves Luther’s life instead of hanging onto it. Because the CIA sees that as a failure, Ethan is forced to accept one of their agents on his team.

Unlike the other movies in the series, with this one you’ll want to have watched the previous one to fully understand what’s going on.

It was great to see Ilsa again, and a complete joy to see Julia again.

With Tom Cruise driving the car — or helicopter — you can believe he’s doing what it looks like he’s doing.

It’s another top notch movie, and would have been splendid to see on the big screen.

Wolf Blitzer has a nice cameo.

Stars Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett, and Sean Harris. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation). The music by Lorne Balfe is thrilling.

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