Missions (season 1)

{3.5/5} “The 10-month journey has exacerbated dangerous neuroses in various crew members.”

Missions season 1, aired in 2017

When the psychologist who’s on the schedule for the first mission to Mars is killed in an accident, a new psychologist is chosen at the last minute. When they are almost at Mars they find out that a rival ship has made it to Mars ahead of them. But this other ship has sent out one message, one warning them to stay away.

This show is from France.

It’s a bit odd — science fiction fans might want to give it a try for something different. Your response to it is probably best judged by your affinity for things that are mysterious and unexplained.

It has a fantastic look to it, and many great moments. But it didn’t make me believe in some of the stranger things that happened.

The show was created by Ami Cohen, Henri Debeurme and Julien Lacombe.

A 2nd season is forthcoming.

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