First Man

{5/5} “When you get a different vantage point it changes your perspective. I don’t know what space exploration will uncover, but I don’t think it’ll be exploration just for the sake of exploration. I think it’ll be more the fact that it allows us to see things that maybe we should’ve seen a long time ago but just haven’t been able to until now.”

First Man, released in 2018

Neil Armstrong joins the Gemini program at NASA. There’s a bunch of things they need to figure out before they can move on to Apollo and head to the Moon — like EVA and getting 2 ships to dock. Being an astronaut is extremely hard work, both mentally and physically. Tragically, Neil’s young daughter has died of cancer.

It is, of course, based on a true story — more specifically, it’s based on Armstrong’s authorized biography.

They show things in a realistic way. If you liked Apollo 13, you’ll like this movie.

It’s about what it’s like to be an astronaut, what it’s like to be an astronaut’s wife, and the bravery needed for both.

Star Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. Directed by Damien Chazelle (La La Land). The score by Justin Hurwitz includes the theremin, an instrument Neil Armstrong liked.

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