I Am Mother

{5/5} “If I wanted you dead, all I’d have to do is leave.”

I Am Mother, released in 2019

A teenage girl has been raised all her life by a robot she calls “mother.” They live in a bunker with all the amenities — but she can’t go outside because of the contamination. Mother says that one day she will have brothers and sisters — she shows her the embryos. Then one day an injured woman shows up at the bunker door — she says she was attacked by a robot.

This movie has a terrific look to it, and it’s completely gripping. The juxtaposition of the robot body with the human voice is interesting.

It’s about how you would turn out if you were raised by a robot, and what you would do when you met your first human.

There’s apocalypse, babies, robots, philosophy, and action.

Stars Clara Rugaard, Hilary Swank, and the voice of Rose Byrne. Directed by Grant Sputore (the TV show Castaway).

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