Welcome to Happiness

{4.5/5} “It’s just a bout of anticipatory nostalgia.”

Welcome to Happiness, released in 2015

Woody is a children’s book author who has an apartment with an unusual feature. There’s a portal in the closet. When people show up unexpectedly to his place he asks them a few questions, and if they answer correctly he shows them the closet. He hasn’t been through the portal himself, but he’s happy to offer this service.

Some parts can seem a bit random until you see how they fit together.

It’s about people who are happy, people who are not, and people who get a chance to revisit and feel better about some past tragedy in their life. It’s about how you never know what effects an event will have.

There are odd moments that might not fit, but much of it I liked a lot.

Keegan-Michael Key’s character is very funny.

Stars Kyle Gallner, Olivia Thirlby, Molly C. Quinn, and Nick Offerman. Directed by Oliver Thompson (editor on the documentary Ali & Cavett: The Tale of the Tapes).

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