Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Volume 1

{4.5/5} “Do you also understand that the ambassador regularly deals with things most people consider extraordinary? Alien invasions. Giant killer robots. Mythical beasts from Hades trying to rip her into pieces. The imminent destruction of the Earth.”

Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Volume 1 by Greg Rucka, J. G. Jones & Drew Johnson, published in 2016 (comic books originally published in 2002-04)

A young woman speaks the ancient ritual of hiketeia to Diana of Themyscira, pledging herself to her service. Diana accepts, and Danielle becomes her assistant — then Batman shows up looking for her. Diana’s day job is Themyscira’s ambassador to the UN, but she often does superhero stuff. And she’s found time to write a book — a book which some people really don’t like.

People who have read some of the stories that come before this one would get a bit more out of it. But I can appreciate Wonder Woman as a character and I can appreciate these storylines.

Greek mythology plays a surprisingly large part in the story. In addition to Batman, Superman and Flash also show up.

Both J. G. Jones’s and Drew Johnson’s artwork is very good.

This is the 1st book by Rucka I’ve read.

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