Hunt for the Wilderpeople

{5/5} “Maybe you could write a haiku to express your feelings.”

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, released in 2016

Ricky is a kid who’s been in some trouble, and the police bring him to a couple who live in the middle of the country, Bella and Hec. Bella is enthusiastic about taking care of Ricky, but Hec is grumpy and doesn’t say much. They buy him a dog for his birthday, who he becomes fond of. Then Bella dies, and Child Welfare says they’re going to take Ricky back — Ricky heads into the wilderness and eventually Hec joins him.

It’s mostly funny, occasionally serious, and all brilliant. There’s some gorgeous New Zealand scenery.

Stars Sam Neill and Julian Dennison. Directed by Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok).

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