Star Trek: The Lost Era — Catalyst of Sorrows

{4.5/5} “She had been offworld often enough to know that it wasn’t the universe that was gray, but only those things touched by Romulans. We left Vulcan because it was nothing but sand and logic, she thought grimly. Now we have become nothing but dust and deviousness!

Star Trek: The Lost Era — Catalyst of Sorrows by Margaret Wander Bonanno, published in 2004

Admiral Nyota Uhura, head of Starfleet Intelligence, receives a shocking delivery from a Romulan she’s known for years. It’s samples of a disease that kills all it comes into contact with. She suspects it’s been deliberately created. She asks her best doctors to get to work on it — Beverly Crusher, Selar, and Leonard McCoy.

Tuvok, Curzon Dax, and Benjamin Sisko are also featured in this story.

It’s a medical mystery, and a secret mission into the Neutral Zone at a time when the Federation and the Romulan Empire haven’t spoken in 50 years.

I’ve read 6 books by Bonanno. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Strangers From the Sky.

The previous novel in the Lost Era series is Deny Thy Father.

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