{4.5/5} “I had no desire to follow the strict regimen that had been set up for us, but I also didn’t want to see the mission flounder and fail. It was a strange dichotomy of concepts that somehow lived harmoniously within me. I simultaneously supported and denied our collective rebelliousness.”

Noumenon by Marina J. Lostetter, published in 2017

Earth is sending out 12 expeditions into space. One of them, Noumenon, is headed for LQ Pyx, a variable star, to investigate and — eventually — report back. Reggie discovered the star and he’s not going on the mission — but his clones are.

This novel is about differences between ship life and Earth life, AI, people on a mission who disagree with that mission, and knowing what your purpose is.

If you like Kim Stanley Robinson and Stephen Baxter, you’ll like this one.

It contains fascinating speculation about the future of humanity.

This is the 1st book by Lostetter I’ve read, and it’s her first book. I just found out that it has a sequel.

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