Troop Zero

{4.5/5} “We ain’t got nobody to show us how to be better. Show us.”

Troop Zero, released in 2019

Christmas spends much of her time looking up at the stars after her mom died. She discovers that NASA is sending a message into space, and she wants to be part of it. The winner of a competition at the annual Birdie Scouts jamboree will get their voices on the Golden Record. The local Birdie Scouts look down their noses on Christmas, so she starts her own troop.

The story takes place in Georgia in 1977.

It’s about friendship, and working towards a goal.

Mckenna Grace is delightful as Christmas. Newcomers Charlie Shotwell, Milan Ray, Johanna Colón, and Bella Higginbotham are also impressive.

Stars Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, and Allison Janney. Directed by Bert & Bertie (their first movie). The soundtrack contains some terrific pop songs from the 70s.

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