Wind River

{4.5/5} “No matter how far you think she ran, I guarantee you she ran further.”

Wind River, released in 2017

Cory is tracking a trio of mountain lions that killed a steer, when he comes across the dead body of a young woman. He knows her, Natalie. Because it looks like murder and they’re on an Indian reservation, the FBI get involved. The FBI sends Jane, who is a bit out of her element. She asks Cory to help her with the investigation.

It’s a serious story, but it’s well made. There are some violent parts.

It’s about what good people and bad people will do in extremely difficult circumstances. I’s also about friendship.

It brings to light an important message about missing Native American women.

Stars Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, and Graham Greene. Directed by Taylor Sheridan (writer on Sicario).

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