Star Trek: The Next Generation — Vendetta

{4.5/5} “Instead of taking things at face value, you should be looking below the surface. You should see what could be, instead of what is. Anyone can fight a battle that’s easy to win. It’s fighting the battles that are impossible to win that causes humanity to take those great leaps forward.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation — Vendetta by Peter David, published in 1991

The great computers of the Penzatti had achieved sentience and welcomed the Borg as their liberators. But when the Borg had retrieved the computers and broken up 95% of the planet, someone came along and blow up the cube. Captain Picard and the Enterprise are called to investigate. Picard will meet someone he met once before as a cadet — someone with a vendetta.

There are a bunch of Borg stories, on screen and off — but this is a good one.

In addition to the regular crew, Dr. Pulaski and Dr. Selar have nice moments. We also meet Delcara, who was like a sister to Guinan.

It’s about obsession and revenge. It’s also about helping someone who needs help.

We get an explanation of the doomsday machine — one that makes perfect sense. It was introduced in the Original Series episode “The Doomsday Machine.”

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 26 novels, 3 graphic novels, and a bunch of comic books by David. I previously reviewed Star Trek: The Next Generation — Q-in-Law.

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