TNG: Double Helix — Red Sector

{4.5/5} “Unfortunately, the empress must walk a very thin tightrope. For her own survival as a ruler, after nearly two hundred years of anti-Federation propaganda, she must not be seen as cowardly or complacent toward the Federation. The Romulan people on the outskirts, including those in command of ships, have been told all their lives to distrust the Federation.”

Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: Red Sector by Diane Carey, published in 1999

When a disease breaks out among the Romulan royal family, Ambassador Spock and Dr. McCoy come aboard the Enterprise to discuss the situation. Dr. McCoy believes that the disease was created by the same person who created previous plagues. Dr. Crusher’s job will be to treat the empress, while Dr. McCoy creates a cure from the blood of an uninfected royal family member — if they can find one.

It’s a great story for Dr. Crusher and Spock. There’s also a prominent new character, Eric Stiles, who features heavily and is worth reading about. Spock and Stiles have nice discussions about the old days with Captain Kirk.

I’ve read 13 books by Carey. I previously reviewed Star Trek: New Earth — Challenger.

The previous novel in this series is Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: Vectors.

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