{5/5} “I brought dessert.”

Freaks, released in 2018

Chloe stays in the house all the time. Her dad says people are trying to kill them. He has trained her on what to do if he doesn’t return from one of his trips to get food. She plays with her friend Harper, but only when dad is asleep. When her dad comes home hurt, she gets fed up and leaves the house — she is astounded by the outside world.

This movie is gripping. It’s mysterious at first, but things become clear fast enough that it doesn’t get annoying. There are a couple of disturbing parts.

It’s about a man of action, a man of peace, and a confused girl.

It does an amazing job of executing on its premise. The last part will have you not just on the edge of your seat but out of your seat.

Emile Hirsch and Lexy Kolker do a terrific job at convincing you of the reality of the situation.

Stars Bruce Dern and Grace Park. Directed by Zach Lipovsky (Dead Rising: Watchtower) and Adam B. Stein (the TV movie Forever Boys). The eerie music is by Tim Wynn.

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