Always Be My Maybe

{4.5/5} “You are scaring the goats.”

Always Be My Maybe, released in 2019

Sasha and Marcus hung out together all the time as kids and teenagers. But they drifted apart. Sasha is a high-end restauranteur and Marcus works with his dad doing heating and air conditioning. When Sasha returns to San Francisco to open a restaurant there, they run into each other. At first they don’t really plan on reconnecting, but they keep seeing each other.

If you want to laugh today, this is the movie for you. The lyrics to the songs that Marcus sings with his band are brilliant.

It’s about facing your fears, admitting your feelings, and being authentic.

Keanu Reeves plays “himself.”

Stars Ali Wong, Randall Park, and James Saito. Directed by Nahnatchka Khan (creator of the TV show Fresh Off the Boat).

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