Batman: Hush

{4.5/5} “Bruce Wayne, this is Clark Kent.’ ‘I believe we’ve met.'”

Batman: Hush, released in 2019

Hush shoots Batman out of the sky and he’s hurt badly. At Hush’s request, Bane and Poison Ivy were working together to get a bunch of cash from a kidnapping. Catwoman helped too, because Ivy was controlling her. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle go out on a date. When Hush kills one of Bruce’s friends, he realizes that Hush knows Bruce is Batman.

This animated movie features a plethora of characters but it somehow doesn’t feel overstuffed. It feels like a story set in a city where lots of things have happened. There were even some parts of the universe that I didn’t know of — like Bruce Wayne having a son named Damien.

It’s an interesting story, with some very funny parts. The characters feel like themselves.

It’s about beating the bad guys with smarts, gadgets, and witticisms. And giving romance a try. It’s about people who can change, and people who can’t change.

Stars the voices of Jason O’Mara, Jennifer Morrison, and 2 people named Peyton List. Directed by Justin Copeland (Wonder Woman: Bloodlines). The mysterious music is by Frederik Wiedmann — the end credits music is glorious.

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