Star Trek: Voyager — Unworthy

{4.5/5} “She’s B’Elanna Torres… She’s the miracle worker of the Delta quadrant. She’s one of the reasons this ship made it home in one piece. To hear her former subordinates talk, she walks on water, leaps Borg cubes with a single bound, and recalibrates magnetic constrictors just by glancing in their direction.”

Star Trek: Voyager — Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer, published in 2009

Starfleet Command is sending a fleet of 9 ships to the Delta quadrant to explore and to ensure that the Borg are no longer a threat. Captain Afsarah Eden has taken command of Voyager, with Tom and Harry on board and the Doctor on a medical ship. Meanwhile, Seven is hearing a voice in her head and Chakotay, who has resigned his commission, is going to do whatever it takes to help her. Seven believes the voice comes from the Caelar, and the only place they’re going to find them is in the Delta quadrant.

Icheb, Reg Barclay, Neelix, and Valerie Archer of Species 8472 all show up this time.

A couple of relaunch characters are particularly noteworthy: blunt but effective Counsellor Hugh Cambridge, and calm and big-picture-thinking Captain Afsarah Eden.

It’s about a new mission, a deep cover spy, and figuring things out with some help from your friends.

I’ve read 3 books by Beyer. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Voyager — Full Circle.

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