VOY Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy

{4.5/5} “Now that the fruit of ultimate victory was dangling within reach, the Changeling felt almost panicked. He thought he had grown used to living in a Solid body during the many years he had spent locked into the form of Andrew Ellis. But then he’d freed Moset and, after a year or so, he’d been able to change his features, feel, however briefly, like a real Changeling again. The elation that had surged through him at that moment was akin to nothing he’d experienced, and he realized he’d only been fooling himself if he thought he could learn to be ‘content’ living as a Solid.”

Star Trek: Voyager — Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy by Christie Golden, published in 2004

When Captain Chakotay is captured, he finds out that Cardassian doctor Crell Moset is still alive. And that Arak Katal — whom he previously thought was a Bajoran who betrayed the Maquis — was really a Changeling. Chakotay doesn’t know what they’re up to, but the Changeling assumes Chakotay’s form. Meanwhile, Admiral Janeway and Tom are on a diplomatic mission — Janeway would like to see Tom become a first officer.

This is the sequel to Old Wounds. Seven’s Aunt Irene and Wesley Crusher have small but important roles.

Chakotay takes a page from Janeway’s book and engages in extremely risky behaviour to save the day.

This is the last of the Voyager relaunch books written by Golden — the series moves on to a new author with the next book.

I’ve now read 12 books by Golden. I will read at least 1 more.

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