Star Trek: Voyager — To Lose the Earth

{4.5/5} “There are things we cannot know until we are ready. And we, as we are, may never be. But we are not at the end of humanity. I hope we aren’t even its midpoint. Sometimes the best we can do is offer those who will come after us a glimpse into their own potential future. It’s a gift, just one that we will never be permitted to unwrap.”

Star Trek: Voyager — To Lose the Earth by Kirsten Beyer, published in 2020

One of the ships in the Voyager fleet, the Galen, appeared to have been destroyed by an alien ship. Admiral Kathryn Janeway and her crew are trying to find out what really happened. Ensign Aytar Gwyn knows that the crew of the Galen are still alive — at least one of them. Meanwhile, the Galen has been flung 47 000 light years away. Lieutenant Harry Kim has taken charge of repairs to the ship since the captain is in sickbay.

This book picks up from where Architects of Infinity left off.

Marion Dulmur, from the Department of Temporal Investigations, makes an appearance. As does Admiral Leonard James Akaar.

It’s about communicating with beings very different from you, realizing you can be more, and sacrificing for the greater good.

If there are no more Voyager books, this one leaves the story in a perfect, beautiful spot.*

I’ve read 11 books by Beyer. I would happily read more if the opportunity arises.

This is the latest Voyager novel — I’ve read all of the novels that take place after the series, and now I’m moving on to other universes.

Spoiler alert

*Janeway and Chakotay are married, and Voyager is heading outside the galaxy, with the help of some aliens.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    This is the last Voyager book in this series. The story of this version of these characters was concluded here (the ones who are on the ship), and in the “Coda” miniseries (the ones who are on Earth).

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