The Commuter

{4.5/5} “That’s a left-handed guitar.”

The Commuter, released in 2018

Michael commutes on the train to his job every day — he was formerly a cop and now sells insurance. When he finds out he’s lost his job, he’s worried about telling his wife because their financial situation is precarious. On the train home he meets Joanna, who says she studies human behaviour. She makes him an offer — just do this one little thing, and she’ll give him $100 000.

It’s an odd premise, but Liam Neeson always makes you believe in the reality of the situation. If Liam Neeson wanted to sell me insurance, I would buy it.

The action is terrific, although 1 or 2 moments are wildly implausible.

It’s about the sort of trust you can build with people you don’t know really well but see every day.

The best behind-the-scenes fact: no scenes were filmed aboard a real train.

Stars Vera Farmiga, Jonathan Banks, and Sam Neill. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown).

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