In the Shadow of the Moon

{4.5/5} “I’ll see you soon.”

In the Shadow of the Moon, released in 2019

Locke, a police officer, links three deaths together by finding puncture wounds on the backs of their necks — a pianist, a cook, and a bus driver. Then they find a victim who’s still alive, who tells them their serial killer is a woman. When all the police in the city chase her down to a subway station, she gets inadvertently hit by a train. Nine years later, it starts happening again.

The story has a science fictional twist.

It’s about people who have so focused on one thing that it’s taken over their whole life, and people who want to reshape the future.

Stars Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman, and Michael C. Hall. Directed by Jim Mickle (Cold in July). The music is by Jeff Grace.

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