Jane the Virgin (season 3)

{5/5} “‘You were dating the woman that killed our father and kidnapped my son.’ ‘And that was bad…'” — Rafael & Luisa

Jane the Virgin season 3, aired in 2016-17

Jane and Michael are married. Anezka is impersonating Petra while Petra is in the hospital looking like Anezka. When Michael figures out that Susanna is the mole he confronts her — and she shoots him. Luisa found out that Susanna doesn’t really exist — it was a disguise for Rose. Xo finds out she’s pregnant. Rogelio is trying to bring his telenovela to the US. And Mateo? He’s walking now.

I like how when Jane was young and went to her first book reading she complained to the author that it didn’t end happily ever after.

Sometime characters, particularly Jane, imagine inanimate objects are speaking to them, in a hilarious way.

There’s a pretty surprising 3-year time jump at one point.

Guest stars include Gloria Estefan and Elisabeth Röhm.

Stars Jaime Camil, Yara Martinez, and Bridget Regan.

I previously reviewed season 2.

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